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For Foreign Customers

Thank you for visiting us.All whoopie roux items are original creations — handmade with care and love in home studio in Japan. - International Orders -We ship worldwide by International ePacke...

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BASE 5%OFFクーポン

ご利用条件をご確認の上、ぜひお買い物にご活用ください *Please enter coupon code " 0618thx150 " before checkout, then you can get 5%off discount :)(Only once, but can use it for multiple items!)

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Why I started "whoopie roux" ー2/2ー

Only major stores such as supermarkets had price tags on marchandise, so basically I had to communicate with local people and bargain the price every time I shopped.I was told: “ They would offer v...

2021/06/16 11:57

Why I started "whoopie roux" ー1/2ー

I visited Morocco in the last year at the university, and traveled around the country for three weeks with my backpack.It’s been quite a while ago, but now I feel like looking back the visit and so...

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whoopie roux をはじめた話 ー後編ー


2021/06/16 11:57

whoopie roux をはじめた話 ー前編ー

学生最後の年に訪れた、北アフリカの国 モロッコ。 バックパックで3週間。訪れたのはもう随分前になるけれど、 ・ whoopie roux をはじめたこと・ 手仕事をつづけること・ アップサイクル活動を取り入...

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ピカピカにしたり、燻しを愛でたり、あえて少し白っぽさを残したり。お手入れをしながら、自分好みに育てられる silver925アイテム。コーティング製品と違って定期的なお手入れは必要ですが、お気に入りをずっと...