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2022/11/16 10:52

// English follows Japanese //

たくさんの素材が織り込まれた whoopie roux の手織りツイード。

お洗濯はドライクリーニング推奨。ご自宅洗い(手洗い)は、風合いや見た目の 印象が大きく変わる場合がございますので あらかじめご了承ください。 干したり、お洋服用ブラシでのお手入れもおすすめです。

ただ洗ってみないことにはどう変化するかが分からないので、不安な方はドライクリーニング推奨でお願いします *


All whoopie roux items are one-of-a-kind, and they are made of beautiful leftover yarns from apparel factories. 
When they need to be washed, dry-cleaning is recommended. Each material has a different shrinkage, so their texture/appearance may vary if you hand-wash. As for usual care, hanging out in the sun or gentle brushing will be nice.
( Following is the sample photos of items after hand-wash. It depends, but they look soft and cute, aren't they ? 🌝🌟) 

I'm happy if you would love and be with my items for a long time with proper and easy care *